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  A simplified explanation of the subtle energy that

  comprises our world and how it is related to the world

  and the human body. It is a brief explanation of what

  happens to humans after they physically die and where

  their souls travel afterward. This book is designed to

  give a person an idea of what to expect at time of

  death and afterward. There are no instruction manuals  

  to follow when you die. Since your soul lives on after

  you physically die, you need to have an idea of where

  you want to go.

Subtle energy affects everything in our world, including beliefs, emotions, health, and decisions. We are largely influenced by our surrounding energies. Empower yourself to form new perspectives learning to recognize, observe, and release those

that no longer serve a purpose.

Also available as an audiobook

Afterlife in Hawaii, published in Spring of 2019

About You: A Manual for the Soul, ​published in August, 2021

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Energy Clearing

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Life after death should not be a mystery.

A collection of stories and information the author has accumulated from crossing over thousands of souls. This book was written to inform about the afterlife, remove common fears associated with death, and help readers prepare for their own afterlife. 

                                      Subtle Energy and the World We Experience

    Provides  encouragement  for those looking to find a deeper spiritual meaning in their lives.

    Improve self-esteem and regain personal power...