Chapter I    Does God Exist?

The inspiration for writing this came in 2016 after the death of a close, dear friend of mine, Ken, who did not believe in an afterlife or the idea of an intelligent mind that has the ability to aid in our continuing existence.

I received a text message stating that Ken, who was living in Boise, Idaho
, had just passed. Stricken with sadness, I opened my psychic abilities and immediately tuned into Ken’s consciousness. He was standing before me in disbelief, asking for help. He didn’t believe in an afterlife and didn’t know what to do.

I met Ken ten years earlier at a business meeting. At the time, I identified as a Christian and he, an atheist. We developed a friendship that lasted because of our common interests. We were both self-employed salespeople, practiced martial arts, worked out at the gym, were married with children, animal lovers, and loved to challenge each other with new ways to market ideas to potential clients. We decided to be friends, regardless of our theological or political differences, without judging each other for our beliefs. 

We met on a weekly basis for an hour or so to discuss our lives and the world in general. During this time, Ken began to challenge my thoughts regarding religion and spirituality, and I also began developing my psychic abilities. We would discuss what I was learning, and he would share his thoughts on it. He held firm that there was no God.

When I opened my psychic abilities and observed Ken after his death, I noticed that his consciousness was still intact. He was speaking to me as if he was still alive in his body. How can this be possible after the body is dead? His souls (I will cover the subject of souls in another chapter) left his body and the energy from his spirit maintained his consciousness in both souls – his Heavenly-bound soul and his Earth-bound soul. 

When I spoke to him, both souls were still together. It was like his whole being was before me. His personality and manner of speech were the same. I explained to him that he would have the opportunity to reincarnate again and be joined with his soul group. His Earth-bound soul would return to the Akashic records where he could choose whether or not to reincarnate again. His Heavenly-bound soul would separate from his Earth-bound soul, go into a higher dimension, be greeted by his soul group, and go through an evaluation of his life.  
At first he was skeptical, but he trusted me. 

He asked me about the many light beings surrounding him. I explained that they were angels there to assist him with whatever he needed. I further explained that the energy he was experiencing around him was the Prime Creator. I could see that he finally understood what I meant by the term Prime Creator. He was relieved that the afterlife was a good place to be. I opened a vortex and brought his ancestors from the Akashic records to greet him.  I helped direct his Earth-bound soul into a vortex and 
descend into earth to the Akashic records where his ancestors were waiting for him to return.   Next, I opened a vortex so he could see his relatives in his Heavenly soul group. He acknowledged his relatives as they stood at the entrance to the portal of light. His heavenly soul stepped into the light and ascended into to his soul group. 

Since he crossed over, I have had the pleasure of communicating with him often. Whenever I think about him, his Heavenly-bound soul shows up, and we reminisce about our past. I did lose a friend in physical form, but he will always be with me as a friend in spiritual form. This is a great comfort to me. 

I learned to cross souls over in Idaho during the time of our friendship. I shared stories with Ken about what I experienced. At times, he would look at me with a puzzled look, but still holding fast to his belief that there was no god. I didn’t realize at the time that my experiences with crossing over souls in Idaho would lead me to Maui. While in Idaho, I communicated with Native American ancestors. They assisted me with crossing over Native American wondering souls. Some of these souls were stuck at their burial sites that had since been covered over with housing subdivisions. My Native American ancestors connected me with my ancestors in Hawaii. I vacationed in Maui for ten consecutive years, and each year felt a stronger and stronger connection with the island. My Hawaiian ancestors invited me to live on the island and assist in crossing over souls and to help clear the island from negative energy.

At this point, I think it would be beneficial to give you a 
greater explanation about my understanding of “God.” I refer to “God” as the Prime Creator. It is not male or female, but it is the source of all subtle energy. It has the ability to create and maintain infinite energy and maintain memory in the form of thought.  

As I continue to explore different dimensions of energy, I find it all has a beginning with the Prime Creator. The Prime Creator supplies the universe with positive and negative subtle energy that operates on many different frequencies. Each frequency has a density to it. Each density has its own function. 

For example, the density of the molecules in lead is much greater than the molecules of a feather. Each molecule is held in its own energy field based upon the frequency that allows it to maintain its shape.  
This principle applies for everything on the planet as well as in the universe. There are so many frequencies of energy that it creates its own hologram. It is like a giant web of energy intertwining within itself. It is constantly moving and changing. This is where the concept that all things are connected to each other is derived. We are energetic beings, and our energy is connected with all the energy in the universe. This is how we are all connected to the Prime Creator.