This is an informational guide with easy, step-by-step exercises

  for all ages to use the basics of subtle energy; you can:

  • learn chakra, aura, grounding, and meditation exercises;
  • attract desirable situations, people, and experiences;
  • release and replace troubling emotions;
  • identify and release beliefs that hold you back;
  • regain the confidence and power to make decisions for yourself.

 Also Included:

  • stories of souls of the dead crossing over;
  • the universal laws and their roles in our world;
  • explanations and examples of the supernatural;
  • exercises to explore your past lives and karma flows; 
  • the author’s personal meditation and healing techniques.

  If you’ve ever wished you could change but found yourself

  thinking and doing in the same old patterns; desired to make

  a big change but felt fearful or hesitant to do so; or wondered

  why things happen (or don’t) the way they do, this book is

  for you. The author comes from a Christian perspective of more

  than twenty-five years and explains how subtle energy operates

  in the area of religious persuasion, and how to get free from its

  influence to reach a higher potential and live a more meaningful


  Easy  to Understand

  ​Diagrams on Energy

  Clearing Methods.

Entity Removal
Energy Clearing
​Realm Reading