Entity Removal
Energy Clearing
​Realm Reading

  A collection of stories and information

  the author has accumulated from

  crossing over thousands of souls. This

  book was written to inform about the

  afterlife, remove common fears

  associated with death, and help readers

  prepare for their own afterlife. The

  information that is presented is based

  upon the knowledge the author

  received from Spirit Source and also by

  assisting souls in crossing over.

  Easy  to Understand

  ​Diagrams on Energy

  Clearing Methods.

  ​It would be helpful if we knew when and

  where we are going to physically die. We

  could then prepare ourselves, say goodbye to

  loved ones, and perhaps make peace with

  someone in order to clear any karma. For

  many people, this is not the case. Many

  people die completely unprepared for the 


  I was prompted to write this book from my

  experiences working with departed souls. I am

  a spiritual medium with the ability to see, feel,

  and hear energy above the normal range. I

  was born with these gifts and I choose to use

  them to help other people. Over the years I’ve  

  honed my skills through practicing meditation,

  training with other psychics, crossing over

  thousands of souls, and learning how to clear

  damaging energy fields from people. 

  Subtle Energy and the World We Experience is an informational

   guide with easy, step-by-step exercises for all ages to use the

   basics of subtle energy; you can:

  • learn chakra, aura, grounding, and meditation exercises;
  • attract desirable situations, people, and experiences;
  • release and replace troubling emotions;
  • identify and release beliefs that hold you back;
  • regain the confidence and power to make decisions for yourself.

 Also Included:

  • stories of souls of the dead crossing over;
  • the universal laws and their roles in our world;
  • explanations and examples of the supernatural;
  • exercises to explore your past lives and karma flows; 
  • the author’s personal meditation and healing techniques.

  If you’ve ever wished you could change but found yourself

  thinking and doing in the same old patterns; desired to make

  a big change but felt fearful or hesitant to do so; or wondered

  why things happen (or don’t) the way they do, this book is

  for you. The author comes from a Christian perspective of more

  than twenty-five years and explains how subtle energy operates

  in the area of religious persuasion, and how to get free from its

  influence to reach a higher potential and live a more meaningful