Profiting from Our Soul’s Passion

Many people come to me asking for help to discover their purpose on Earth. I help by tuning in to their high soul and listening to their reasons. The high soul is located behind the frontal lobes of the brain and in front of the pineal gland. It can move in and out of the aura at will. The answers vary depending on the person because we are unique individuals on karmic journeys we’ve chosen to fulfill.

Interests and passions are related to the soul’s purpose on Earth. Sometimes emotions and limited thought patterns can prohibit us from expressing our passions. I help individuals free themselves of those unwanted emotions and patterns, and teach how to manifest desires in order to fulfill passions. Once an individual is cleared of blockages, the process of creating new desires, ideas, and developing talents and gifts aligned with their soul’s purpose on Earth begins. So, who will profit from their passion? The individual, of course, as well as everyone else, directly and indirectly.

When a person lives their passion they create joy and positive energy which is infectiously encouraging for others. This uplifting energy inspires others to also follow their passions (thus, helping others fulfill their life purpose) and allows the individual to profit from the Law of Attraction because they are living a meaningful fulfilling life full of love, joy, and peace. The Law of Attraction is based on the principle that the intention of the energy you put out returns to you in the same manner. If you are emitting joy you will receive joy. Therefore, enjoy, but be careful how you use your passion.


Food for the soul

Many of the people that come to me for energy work ask me the question, “Why did my soul come to earth? The answer lies within our selves. Our souls have a basic blueprint 
of things that it would like to experience for our lifetime. This is established with the help of our soul group before we incarnate as a human. There are many reasons such as unfinished business due to karma from past lives, to be healers, experience being a mother or father, to experience unconditional love and the list goes on.

Due to the conditioning of our society and the demands to conform to cultural standards sometimes we 
do not have opportunity or take the opportunity to discover what that is. Many people come to this island not just for the beauty but to find a place to nourish their soul. They allow themselves to find a space where they are free to discover more about themselves. I have a saying,” We learn what we want by what we do not want.” We can ask ourselves what brings happiness to our lives and search our heart to find it.

Our soul communicates its intent by manifesting our hearts desires. If you can calm yourself enough to listen to your deeper feelings you will discover that your soul is revealing its true desires for your life. You may need an energy worker to help clear some of the clutter away. You may find a group of like-minded people who can help you with this. Once you are on track you can feed your soul with meaningful activity that will bring true happiness.


Stability Requires Change

Are you looking for stability in your life? It begins with change. We will need to identify the habits in our lives that are creating instability and change them with beneficial ones. Changing oneself requires desire, willingness, and faith that you can change. It is very helpful to see oneself in the desired state of change.

The greatest transformation in my life came when I decided to change my theological beliefs from an orthodox 
belief system instead to following a spiritual path that was determined by what my soul wanted to experience. I learned how to release unwanted paradigms of thinking and change myself. This inspired me to write the book, “Subtle Energy and the World We Experience”.

Learning to identify emotions that trap oneself in paradigms of thinking takes 
effort and at first can be uncomfortable. I believe that fear and lack of self confidence are the fundamental emotions that restrict people from beginning to change. If the above emotions mentioned are preventing you from changing then start by asking yourself why do you act or feel this way. If you identify the source then it will be helpful in releasing the energy holding the root cause of the emotion. The book I have written has helped many people and there are many other books that can offer advice for change. I encourage you to explore the information that is available. The rewards of freeing yourself of restricted patterns of behavior are tremendous.  When you realize you have the power to change it opens a new avenue for your soul to prosper and experience new ideas.  I wish you the best of success for your life.