Controlling the Madness

One of my goals as an energy worker is to help people release emotional trauma and anxiety of life. If a person will take the time to learn to meditate they can release unwanted anxiety in their chakra system and find a balance within themselves. This takes practice and determination. It must become a routine in 
one's life just like any good habit. The rewards are very beneficial for our physical body not to mention our emotional wellbeing. Since we are constantly bombarded with unpleasant news we can internalize it and become the victim or we can take a different perspective and become the observer. Even though we may be surrounded by a society of madness perpetuating fear of the unknown we don’t have to allow ourselves to react to it.

We can come to the understanding that our reality is challenged with uncertainty but our soul has the power to choose how to react to it. Many times life is so overwhelming that we resort to using medications and alcohol as temporary relief. This is understandable.

Why not try to learn to release the trauma and anxiety with meditation. Try incorporating exercise and yoga along with meditation. Allow your body to release some of the tension that you experience.

There are people on this island that can help you learn. I have written a book on the subject of meditation and others have as well. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn and free yourself from the madness of society and experience inner peace.


Deepening Truth About the Afterlife

For several years I have had a renewed desire to learn more about the afterlife. Most people come to an understanding about something and when they are finally satisfied with the idea they shelve it as their truth. For 
the past five years I have had to change my ideas about the afterlife while writing my new book “Afterlife in Hawaii”.

It is not easy at times changing one’s thinking when a paradigm of understanding has been the norm for years. I like to use a method of observation to discover whether there is any truth to what I hold as truth. Let’s just find a teachingthat has been presented in our lives that is predicting a certain outcome.

Learn all the facts that are presented and try and understand if there is any validity behind the teaching. Since I am a spiritual medium it has been crossing over souls and learning from them about the afterlife.  I had to first learn to eliminate any judgment toward people. I believe it is important to respect other people’s beliefs whether they agree with yours or not.  Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.

It all comes to a point when either the results promised are true or false. The proof for me was when I crossed over souls and the paranormal activity on earth ceased permanently. After I crossed them over I was able to communicate with them again with their new perspective about themselves and the afterlife.

I learned much and am still learning. If the truth is not what you were expecting are you willing to rethink your ideas and move on to something else? 


Abundant Experiences to Share

Most of the people that I have worked with have had an abundance of challenges that have created a lack of abundance for them. It is usually related to lack of money, unemployment, poor health, and stressful family relationships.

There seems to be a contradiction as to how people perceive the idea of abundance. The concept of abundance has often been taught and is usually identified with the idea of having more than we need of good things and being able to share the excess with those who are in need. How can we understand the idea of abundance in a way that makes sense when most people are struggling with life issues? 
First of all, we need to understand that none of us are exempt from life’s challenges. Also, it is possible to work through our challenges and develop a positive attitude that will attract an abundance of good things in our life. I have discovered that we can release old patterns of behavior that have created lack of abundance. We can create abundance by developing a new perspective about what we are experiencing in our lives.

All of our life challenges offer a chance to understand ourselves and gain knowledge. Many of us have vast knowledge about an experience that we can share with someone else. I want you to think about some of your experiences that perhaps have been extreme challenges for you. You have probably gained much knowledge about something because of the abundant opportunity to experience it. I suggest you offer your abundant knowledge to help someone with a positive attitude. You might be surprised how much you can help others.