Your Story Continues After You're Dead

I would like to share a story of a soul that I crossed over. While I was preparing to do a clearing session with a lady, a soul appeared clairvoyantly before me as an old man with a white beard resembling a sea captain. He introduced himself to me and said his name was Herman. He then suddenly disappeared. As I was working with the lady I asked her if she had a relative named Herman. She said no but while sailing around the world on her yacht she discovered a ghost on her vessel. Every time she would go to the forward compartment, she noticed a foul smell. She checked everywhere but couldn’t find a reason for the odor. She finally recognized it was the doing of a deceased soul whom she named Herman. She came to an agreement with Herman that he would leave her alone if she would live in the aft of the yacht and he could have the front.  Her husband became very ill and they decided to sell the boat in Singapore. Every time someone would look at the yacht a foul smell would occur or electrical shortages would occur to prevent the selling of the boat. She finally did sell it at a reduced price and came back to the mainland. Herman followed her to the mainland looking for someone to help him find his way home. As I communicated with Herman I learned that he was the original owner of the yacht and had died on it. His soul followed the lady to me requesting to be sent back to his soul group which I did.




Finding Goodness Whatever Way We Can.

I like to define true goodness as unconditional love. The act of giving or helping others without anything expected in return. It comes from the heart not personal ego. This kind of goodness is rare. I find the appearance of goodness in our society to be somewhat misleading. There are many people who do deeds of kindness for others for personal gain. It is often disguised as goodness.
Even though I have my personal beliefs about goodness, does it really matter how the motives of goodness originate? In this short story I will let you decide for yourself.
I served as a board member of a homeless shelter in Idaho for 10 years. At the time I was the Chairman of the Board and had the responsibility of dealing with the city council and the major. The shelter was trying to acquire a low subsidy apartment building owned by the city that had been an eyesore for the city. It was occupied by drug users and prostitutes. It was not helping the image of the city. In our discussions with city officials, I asked them if buying the building and providing a safe place for homeless people was important to them. They replied that if it helped their image then it would be important to them.

We purchased the property at a reasonable price and homeless people benefited from it. The mayor took much of the credit. It was portrayed as an act of goodness on the city’s behalf.
It will be interesting to me to see what goodness our newly elected officials will offer Maui in the years to come. 




You Are the Miracle Worker

Would you like to be a miracle worker?

The most common definition for a miracle that I can find is “an unusual or wonderful event that is believed to be caused by the power of God or supernatural phenomenon. “
Through my experience as an energy worker, I have come to identify what is commonly referred to as God is the positive and negative subtle energy that creates our universe and holds it in form. We are part of that subtle energy. Our spirit and soul incarnated on earth to become a direct expression of the unconditional love of our Creator. I refer to this energy source as the Prime Creator. You can call it whatever you want. We have come here to become co-creators with the Prime Creator experiencing all things possible as our high soul evolves.
The biggest miracle that I experience is teaching people about subtle energy and how to clear old thought forms of belief that block their ability to use their power in cooperation with the Prime Creator. Once we understand that we have divine power and through the law of divine oneness we are part of the Prime Creator; we will not be dependent upon some obscure deity to do everything for us. We can learn to manifest a new reality and achieve the impossible. One of the greatest miracles that I like to observe is for a person to learn how to clear their past energy that is holding them back, learn to manifest their desires, and achieve their soul’s destiny. While most people are waiting for a supernatural event to change their world for them; the Prime Creator is waiting for you to manifest your power using the subtle energy available to you to be a miracle worker.