Where is the Kingdom of God?

I find the statement that Jesus uses, “The kingdom of God is within you,” quite interesting. The energy work that I practice is based upon the understanding that I have obtained from using subtle energy. The word ‘God’ is what I refer to as the Prime Creator, which is the positive and negative polarity energies sent from the universe, used through divine intelligence centered in our spirit. Our spirit is located behind the heart chakra and is the energy connection that holds all things into existence for the physical body and our spiritual consciousness. The word kingdom can represent the potential of our fullest expression as a spiritual being. We have the opportunity to manifest whatever we choose using the subtle energy provided by the Prime Creator. By using the divine energy of the Prime Creator we become
co-creators with it. In Genesis of The Holy Bible it says that humans have been given dominion over every living thing on earth. Therefore; it is our responsibility as co-creators to use our power for the benefit of the world.

Unfortunately, some have used their power to create domination based upon personal greed. This can be corrected if humans learn to use their power for the good of the whole. Through the practice of meditation and 
prayer, one can learn to work together with the Prime Creator to better our world. Therefore, the understanding that the kingdom of God is within you brings to light our responsibility to be co-creators
with it. Be careful what you manifest because you reap what you sow.



Where are you Heading Spiritually?

In my quest for spirituality I have experienced a wide range of practices associated with religion. I have written a book about what I believe concerning the practice of religion and how our thoughts influence our beliefs. “Subtle Energy and the World We Experience”. When it comes to spirituality I have learned more from crossing over departed souls than all of my religious experiences. Since I have the ability to communicate with these souls, I ask questions. I have been journaling questions and answers for quit some time. I ask them what their spiritual; practices were while on earth and what is their viewpoint now since they are not in the physical body. The answers are varied but the common denominator is they want to learn and experience unconditional love.  After our physical body dies the memory of whom we are including our spiritual beliefs stay with us. I refer this as our Heavenly consciousness. Our personality is held in our consciousness.  When I communicate with a departed soul I am observing them as if they were still alive. Recently I crossed over about 20 Heavenly souls who had died in Maui in the 1930’s. They had died in a local hospital and were afraid to cross into the light leading to higher dimensions. I asked them why they were afraid. They said they were afraid they would go to purgatory. I explained that this teaching was not longer valid and their own fear kept them in a state of purgatory. I sent angels to them and they were eager to cross over and return to their soul group.






Why do Traumatic Things Happen to Us?

I do not take pleasure in tragedy but I understand it as one side of the yin and yang of life. I believe our soul has come to earth to experience all things possible. Our souls are divinely connected with the Source of life or Prime Creator. Each one of our incarnations allows us to experience both good and evil. Without the bad we cannot appreciate the good.

 I don’t think we can ever be emotionally prepared for tragic events in our lives. I was certainly not prepared emotionally to experience my mother and father’s death.  I now know that it was part of my life’s experience that has helped me understand other people’s grief.

 I help people release the emotion of tragedy and balance their energy. Regardless of how much energy I release, it is still important for the person to go through a grieving process of releasing the emotions of tragedy.

It is important to understand that our souls are divinely connected with the Prime Creator. We just need to ask for more in times of need. This energy of love is impartial and available to everyone and it is the very energy that gives us life. We are constantly provided with unconditional love from the Prime Creator.

When I experience a tragedy in my life I try and open my heart to receive the additional love available from the Prime Creator. Many times it is expressed by the loving care of angels. I simply ask and it is freely given.  When life throws you a seemingly unexpected challenge I hope you will try to do likewise.