Reaching for the Spiritual   Mountain Top

On my journey to find the spiritual mountain tops I often find myself on a plateau. These are the places where i seem to cycle back and forth experiencing old patterns of thinking. This can be frustrating. Only when I take the time to reevaluate what I am doing can I identify the old patterns. Once I understand the challenge then I begin the process of clearing away the old thoughts and replacing them with new ideas. This is a process not a one time event.  It is important to understand that thoughts create emotions and emotions create behavior. So we begin at the start of where we first experienced the limited thinking patterns we are experiencing. Where did it all begin? Once I identify the beginning of the thoughts I go back in my mind to the time I experienced it. I relive the emotional experience.  I then take those thoughts and create an energy ball and release them from me and replace them with positive thoughts. By doing this I then create a new reality of thought that supports me. It is important to work at it on a consistent basis to reprogram the subconscious mind. The energy holding the thoughts of old emotions must be released. The subconscious mind is like a memory chip on a computer. It only holds the memory that has been downloaded on it. The data needs to be replaced in order for it to retain new information. It is worth the effort to clear ourselves and create new positive thoughts so we can reach another mountain top. Our lives have many mountain ranges to conquer.

Profiting From Our Soul’s Passion

Many people come to me asking me for help in discovering why they came to Earth in the first place. I have the ability tap into their high soul and listen for reasons. The reasons vary since we are unique individuals on a karmic journey that we have chosen to fulfill.  A person’s passion to do certain things is related to their soul’s purpose for being a human being.  I can help a person free themselves of unwanted emotions and limited thinking patterns that have prohibited their lives from expressing passion. I can also teach them how to manifest their desires to fulfill their passions. Once they are cleared of blockages they will begin the process of creating new desires and ideas based upon the soul’s passion for being alive. This can be very exciting for a person to begin the experience of using their creativity with passion to develop their talents and gifts. So, who will profit from the passion? Everyone can profit by being involved in the life of the individual that is expressing themselves using their unique abilities. The joy and positive energy that the person produces encourages others to do the same. The ability to experience a meaningful and fulfilling life with joy, love, and peace allows the person to profit from the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is based upon the principle that the intent of the energy that one puts forward returns to you in the same manner. Therefore; be careful how you use your passion. ​

​Questions and More Questions

There is much information that has been and will be presented to us over our lifetime. Much of information is a result of group consciousness that has been designed to influence our thinking. It is our responsibility to discern wither there is any merit to what is presented. I have learned to ask a series of questions to discern the truth.

The first question is: Is what I am experiencing real? Or is this just a figment of my imagination. In order to determine if something is real there are other questions to ask. . Can this experience or information be duplicated? Will it stand the test of time? Are the principles that are being presented work on a consistent basis? If I choose to follow this information will it serve me the rest of my life or is it just a flash in the pan fad? Is it worthwhile following the information presented? What is the long-term benefit of following this information? Will it serve as a foundation to use to build upon for my soul? Or is this just something that is designed to benefit the person or people who developed the information? What were the motives of the information in the first place? Is it money, to control others, or the highest good of all mankind? Is what I am learning or experiencing harmful? Will there be harmful affects upon my body, mind, and soul? The last question is can what I am learning or experiencing be carried forward? Can I continue to benefit from this or is this just a one-time experience?