​Entities vs. Spirits

What is an entity or spirit? It is an energy form that manifests a consciousness and has the ability to perform certain activities. These terms are interchangeable; however spirits and entities originate from various places. My experience in energy work and healing has revealed that there are three levels of entities not associated with what is commonly referred to as heavenly or demonic/evil spirits. I call them high human self, low human self and non human cross dimensional entities. The high human self entity is energy from another person that has attached to the upper chakras of a person or high self. The low self entity attaches energy from a person in the lower chakras or low self.  Most of the time the entity is from a person wanting to dominate its subject in a possessive way. Cross dimensional entities originate from different dimensions. These entities disrupt the chakra system of the human aura and can create physical and emotional disturbances. It is not uncommon for people to pick up non human entities when a person is in a state of shock suffering from a tragic event that creates disorientation in the person’s thinking. I have found that children that experience traumatic events such as physical or sexual abuse are vulnerable to both low self human and non human cross dimensional entities. Another way people attach to these entities is by watching horror movies that open their emotions to fear. The emotion of fear opens vulnerability that attracts opportunity for domination by an entity. Once I remove these harmful dominating entities the person can usually feel a difference in how they think and feel.

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​​​Abundant Experiences to Share

Most of the people that I have worked with have had an abundance of challenges that have created a lack of abundance for them. It is usually related to lack of money, unemployment, poor health, and stressful family relationships. There seems to be a contradiction as to how people perceive the idea of abundance. The concept of abundance has often been taught and is usually identified with the idea of having more than we need of good things and being able to share the excess with those who are in need. How can we understand the idea of abundance in a way that makes sense when most people are struggling with life issues?

First of all we need to understand that none of us are exempt from life’s challenges. Also, it is possible to work through our challenges and develop a positive attitude that will attract an abundance of good things in our life. I have discovered that we can release old patterns of behavior that have created lack of abundance. We can create abundance by developing a new perspective about what we are experiencing in our lives. All of our life challenges offer a chance to understand ourselves and gain knowledge. Many of us have vast knowledge about an experience that we can share with someone else. I want you to think about some of your experiences that perhaps have been extreme challenges for you. You have probably gained much knowledge about something because of the abundant opportunity to experience it. I suggest you offer your abundant knowledge to help someone with a positive attitude. You might be surprised how much you can help others.


Do animals have souls?

I use my psychic abilities to identify and communicate with the souls of the dead. Occasionally while crossing over human souls, I encounter the soul of an animal that has not crossed over. The animal’s consciousness continues to exist after their physical death and it can decide to remain in a dimension connected to humans.

A lady named Jane came to me asking for help due to what she thought was a spirit attacking her legs. I discovered Jane’s aunt Mary died in 2012 and her dog Whoopie (a lovely Shih Tzu lap dog) had died a year prior to Mary’s death. Jane and Mary had had a family dispute and when Whoopie died its soul went to Jane instead of crossing over.

 In spirit form, Whoopie repeatedly scratched Jane’s ankles thinking it was protecting Mary from Jane. This continued for two years and Jane’s ankles had become infected and needed medical treatment. She asked me to take care of the problem. I located Mary’s soul and asked her to bring Whoopie with her. I explained that she could cross over with her dog and choose another life to reincarnate with Whoopie. I asked her deceased father’s soul to escort them to the other side. Mary was happy to see her father and they readily entered the vortex to return to their soul group. I observed Whoopie following Mary and just before he jumped into the vortex he turned to me and barked twice as to say “Thank you”.

I received a call from Mary confirming that the scratching activity had ceased and her legs had begun to heal.  A week later she felt the dog return and lick her feet as a “thank you” for helping her family to heal.